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   : Welcome to OOWDG Financial Data Services.  


The “Official” home of Chartbook.

Our goal is to provide the widest selection of the cleanest data available at a reasonable price. Our data is normally available by 7:00pm EST.

Currently we provide data on - Worldwide Historical Futures, Historical US Stocks, Historical US Mutual Funds, Historical Indices, Historical Cash Markets, Historical Forex prices. With continual End of day daily updates on the same markets.

We are including 5 years Historical Data with the demo for FREE.

Other 3rd party programs and software that can be used in conjunction with ChartBook and OOWDG data service.

Native: These program can read the TTD format directly:

Veritrader Backtesting Engine© By TurtleTradingSoftware,
Advance Get© originally by Trading Techniques, now by eSignal.com,
Trading Recipes© by TradingRecipes.com,
Gallaxy III and Indigo by Microstar Research (no link available).

Through Automatic Export to ASCII, or Metastock:

MetaStock© by Equis International,
TradeStation by Omega Research,
Windows on WallStreet by Windows on Wallstreet Inc. (no link available),

If you have software you would like listed here, please write to support@oowdg.com.

*If you do not find the instrument available within our symbol search, feel free to contact us about obtaining the requested instruments.

Partners: Schell & Associates

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